Shin Megami Tensei IV: Demonic Gene

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Name: Shin Megami Tensei IV: Demonic Gene (真・女神転生IV DEMONIC GENE)
Author:  Atlus (Story), Fukuda Ikumi (Art), Yamai Kazuyuki (Story)
Volumes: 2 - Chapters: 15
Genres: Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

I reviewed this manga back in 2015 when the translation was still ongoing so I'm really happy that back in 2016 I was able to read the complete version. Now that the manga is complete it's time to review it again to see if the complete version is good or not (like always, you can read my previous review here)

Story: The story follows the Walter (from the game) and Gina (a character created for the manga, two Samurai of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. The Samurai have the task to guard the people of Mikado: the Luxurors and the Casualries.
Walter, born a Casualries, don't like that much Luxurors but try anyway to be a good Samurai and improve his skills. Gina, a childhood friend of Walter, always watch Walter to help him.
One night, Walter and Gina are suddenly transported to an unknown world and discover that demons are real. But that that's not all. Something happens to Walter and the fate of Walter and Gina starts to move.

For sure, you can enjoy this manga much more if you have played the videogame (and the Chaos route) because you can understand Walter's character much more but the original character, Gina, is well made too! She is full of mysteries that are discovered during the manga.
The plot is really simple but like I wrote before, there's a lot of mysteries and things that are connected to the videogame and some that aren't. I really liked that this manga is a spin-off because the plot of the videogame is amazing but really long with a lot of happenings while here it's more simple.
The two main characters, Walter and Gina in a few chapters evolve a lot and are really interesting. You want to discover more about Gina since she was created for the manga but at the same time you want to know if Walter will do the same choices he made in the manga.
The drawings are amazing! I really like them! Both humans and demons are drawn really well.

My rating: 10/10
Previous rating: 10/10 (read the review here)

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