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MAL Manga Reading Challenge
The official Manga Reading Challenge from MAL is a challenge where you have to read some manga from the list given in the sign up form. You have to read at least one manga that fits each criteria asked by those items. The manga you choose to use for the challenge must be read during the challenge period.

Anime Planet Manga Reading Challenge
The official Manga Reading Challenge from Anime Planet is a challenge where you have to choose from any manga, manhwa, light novel, webtoon, or more. There are 3 levels to complete:
level 1: read 5 manga
level 2: read 15 manga
level 3: read 30 manga
The manga used for the challenge must be read during the challenge period.

Manga Reading Challenges Club
This Club was inspired by the official Manga Reading Challenge on MAL.

Special badges awarded automatically for achieving something big.

Horror: level 1
Lovely Smile of a Psychopath
You can't spell slaughter without laughter.
Horror: level 2
What have I become?
Sweetheart, something's wrong with your make up...
Horror: level 3
Let me lift that curse
If you wish hard enough, you can become a magical girl in the blink of an eye.
Mahou Shoujo: level 1
Conflict Breaker
Fighting hardly solves any problems. There are better ways to live our lives.
Mahou Shoujo: level 2
Aim for the top
Even if you work alone, never forget your friends who helped you overcome all fears.
Mahou Shoujo: level 3
Complete control
Read over 20 mahou shoujo manga. At this level magic circles form around you at will.
Mahou Shoujo: MAX POWER
If it is you who is curious, no case shall remain unsolved.
Mystery: level 1
No matter who the villain is... you WILL find out the answers.
Mystery: level 2
Collecting the pieces
Sometimes the smallest bit of information can turn the whole case around.
Mystery: level 3
Mixed feelings
98% hatred, 2% love. Give it some time and these two will reverse.
Romance: level 1
Love me or die
Yandere is a form of love too. A rather extreme one, but still!
Romance: level 2
Breaking the chains
With love, nothing is impossible. You just have to let someone break you free of restrictions.
Romance: level 3
Heart that never stops beating
When I see you, my kokoro goes doki-doki and the sekai starts to spin around. How could I live without you?
Romance: FULL LOVE
The stakes are high
Joined the game for real. The more you read, the more addictive it gets.
Sports: level 1
Do you even read?
Even during the most exhausting excercise you still find time to read. Can't miss a chapter.
Sports: level 2
Got Balls
Looking at all this struggling inspires you to become strong yourself.
Sports: level 3
Sweet tooth
Donuts? Really? You lived for 500 years just to eat them?
Vampires/Demons : level 1
Some creatures prefer juicy fruits instead of sucking blood or eating raw meat. Weaklings.
Vampires/Demons : level 2
Don't mess with me if you want to keep your limbs attached to your body.
Vampires/Demons : level 3
Long runner
The best stories can't be told in less than 25 volumes.
Infinite stamina - Awarded for reading 25+ manga that are 15+ volumes long.
At the end of the galaxy
Your never-ending journey for the most forgotten comic books has finally paid off.
Awarded for reading 10+ old manga (finished in 1980 at most).
Ancient Scholar
You witnessed the beginning of the medium. You hope you will not witness its end.
Awarded for reading 50+ manga, all of which started in different years.
I've seen some sh**
Despite seemingly endless suffering, you've never dropped any manga. That's impressive.
And it still hurts - 50+ completed, zero dropped.
Downward spiral
Once drawn inside this inky whirlpool, you will find yourself sinking faster than the Titanic.
Time: level 1
Revelations (18:14)
You've developed quite the appetite. Devouring fifty chapters a day doesn't seem challenging to you anymore.
Time: level 2
Voluntary confinement
Every title you read brings you closer to your self.
Time: level 3
Casual reader
Read 100 manga. Looks like reading doesn't hurt.
Read 200 manga. Sitting in your comfortable chair, reading favorite Korean comics. This is bliss.
Dat scent
Read 300 manga. There's nothing better than the smell of freshly opened book. Or a PDF.
Where do I put these?
Read 400 manga. Consider investing in another bookshelf, or you'll be swimming in books soon.
Half a grand
Read 500 manga. Now think of what kind of person you'd be if you didn't start reading manga then. On that particular day...
Read or die
Read 750 manga. You managed to make a bow out of paper, but remember that cellulose fibers don't work well as a bulletproof shield.
Read 1000 manga. You work with books, right? Right?


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