Boku no Hero Academia (Dropped)

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I don't drop many manga... ok, that's not true XD sometimes I start to read something and if I don't like it I close after some pages XD
But for this one, Boku no Hero Academia, I had some hopes since everyone talks about it and there's the anime.So I started with the One Shot and it was "ok". But the drawings weren't that great to be honest.
So after the one shot I started with the real series and, after 3 chapters I dropped it and I will explain why.
The story is really simple: the main character Deku is our classic main character that has a dream (to be a hero) but he don't have any supernatural power so another hero helps him to enter into the Hero Academy (and gives him a power). Ok, since here seems the usual shonen thing (that I like) but the characters aren't for now that interesting... "All Might", the one that help Deku, for me isn't one to realy on... he is a hero, an adult and at the same time he need a child to teach him how to do his job? Ok that his health isn't great but I found that a little boring...
Another thing is Doku's rival... like always he will be his friend that help him but don't want to say that they are friends?
And the final thing that made me drop this manga is the drawing style of the author (ok, maybe it changed but I don't like it...)... sometimes we see the usual japanese style and for the heroes... an american one O.o'' and "All Might" is drawed like a Gorillaz... after 3 chapters I wasn't able to continue. I really don't like this drawing style.

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