Dr. Stone

Categories: (Ongoing) Manga Review
Name: Dr. Stone Author: Inagaki Riichiro (Story), Boichi (Art)

When Shounen Jump announced this new series in 2017 I was really curious (because the art is from Boichi, the author of Hotel and Hotel: since 2079) and I have to say that Dr. Stone is really a good and interesting manga.

Story: one day, a blinding flash of light turns everyone on Earth to stone. After several millennia two boys, Senku and Taiju, are revived in the future where science don't exist anymore. Everything seems lost but Senku has a plan in mind: with the power of science help the petrified humanity and bring back the old civilization.

I think that the plot is really simple but at the same time it's really interesting because the blinding flash of light turns everyone on Erath to stone but we don't know why. The manga is full of small arcs where Senku needs to build something from our era in the future where humans don't know what technology is. But the manga isn't only about building something, sometimes Senku needs allies to help him in some major arcs. For now there isn't any arc that is boring and every week I wait for a new chapter to read.

Maybe there isn't that much character development since Senku and some characters that are introduced later in the manga stays always the same but at the same time are fresh and interesting in the settings they are. In reality, it's not a problem that they stay the same becuse every small arc introduce slowly a character and something related to them.

The art is really good. I have previously read some other manga made by Boichi and I have to say that his art improved a lot. The images are really well made and sometimes the author use double pages and... those pages are really beautiful! I can't stop to look at them! But that's not all! The faces of the characters sometimes are really funny to look and Boichi use them a lot.

My rating: 9/10

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Accel World

Categories: (Completed) Manga Review
Name: Accel World (アクセル・ワールド )
Author: Kawahara Reki (Story), Aigamo Hiroyuki (Art)

I already reviewed this manga when it was ongoing (you can read my review here) but not that the manga is finished is it good or not?

Story: The manga follows the anime for a lot of chapters but is faster and explains better the rules of Accel World and the relationships of the main characters. We start with Haruyuki, the main character, that is bullied and Kuroyukihime,
the school's most beautiful and refined girl, introduce him to a software called “Brain Burst” and the benefits that the software has. But there aren't only benefits, there are even some side-effects. But that’s not all: Kuroyukihime asks him to beat the game reaching the level 10.

The plot is easy but there’s a lot of rules that are slowly explained and characters that have a lot of secrets. I really like how the rules are explained and the characters develop.
The drawings are especially well made and sometimes I stop to appreciate them.
Sadly the manga stops after 45 chapters and don't have a proper ending so you need to read the novel to know what happens after.

A little note to say is that there are some chapters with Kirito from Sword Art Online. This special arc has a quick plot (a battle Kirito VS Silver Crow) and some explanations about both SAO and Accel World.

My rating: 9/10
Previous rating: 10/10 (read the review here)

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Hokuto no Ken

Categories: (Completed) Manga Review
Name: Hokuto no Ken ( 北斗の拳 )
Alt name: Fist of the North Star
Author: Hara Tetsuo (Art), Buronson (Story)

I think that this manga don't need an introduction because it's a best-selling manga XD but I really liked this manga so I will write a review!
Let's start with this: the first time I watched the anime I was really little and I thought that it was stupid with bad drawings (XD) but since the manga is the original source I wanted to give it a try ( and in a few of chapters I was addicted and wanted to know what will happen in the next chapter XD)

The story starts after a nuclear war. The seas have dried up, finding water is like finding gold and the land is something like a desert where nothing lives. With this most living things are extinct but humans live. They live but in a word where civilizations is lost, and violence rules. Here a lone man named Kenshiro, Ken, is the user of a martial art called Hokuto Shinken and he starts to help weak people. Even if he is strong he is kind. And his poker face when he defeat an enemy is really awesome XD
The story develop really well, it's simple but interesting and new enemies and friends appear. We discover Ken's past and what is Hokuto Shinken, the most powerful martial art in the world. The fights are really interesting, never boring and the development of Kenshiro and all the characters that are introduced in the future chapters are well developed.

The art style is great. The panels are really well drawn, sometimes they are realistic with a lot of shades to give it a more dark tone.

My rating: 10/10

Story Spoiler

I'm really sad that some characters died ;_; they were really great!
And I really like how Ken is kind with children but his face stay in a poker face mode XD same for when he kills XDD
Maybe the only thing that I was afraid was the ending... I didn't want him to end with Lin since I shipped her with Bat but in the end I'm happy that the author gave them a happy ending!


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