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96203[1]Name: Scientia (スキエンティア)
Author: Toda Seiji

I don't remember how I found this manga... but I was searching for something Sci-Fi for the challenge and this one caught my interest for the name.
In this manga we have some mini stories and in each there's a different main character but all of them live near the Scientia Tower (and the statue that stand at the top is of the Goddess Scientia). But the thing that I liked the most of this manga is that it's like every character has his own idea about many taboos: renting a body, enjoy his life with clones or robots and drugs. Many different themes but really interesting.
About the art, I think that they are good... the landscapes are really detailed but sometimes the characters are difficult to recognize... sometimes I thought that a female one was male and other times that a character was from the previous chapter...
But that said, this manga was really good to read and interesting.

My rating: 9/10


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