Yogen no Nayuta

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Yogen no NayutaName: Yogen no Nayuta (予言のナユタ Nayuta of the Prophecy)
Author: Fujimoto Tatsuki

I really don't remember how I found this one-shot... but I was interested in the title (Nayuta of the Prophecy) so I started reading it XD

The story is really short: there's a prophecy about a girl with horns. This girl will bring destrucion upon the world but for now she only killed animals and her brother try to understand her and help her. That's because the only things that Nayuta (that's the name of the girl) can only say things like "massacre, kill, genocide" and nothing that makes sense.
Well... in reality at the end of the chapter the brother understands her a little and the two go live in another place. But all those pages weren't that interesting to read. It's a one-shot but I sincerly have read better short stories...
The characters are nice but nothing special: Nayuta is a girl that talk in strange ways and we really can't understand her (I think that that's what the author wanted... but anyway....) and her brother that try every way to help her.
The art is good but nothing special and sometime really simple... at least once a page there's some screen tones that makes the drawings look much better.
Overall it's a nice one-shot but nothing epic.

My rating: 7/10

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