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96203[1]Name: Scientia (スキエンティア)
Author: Toda Seiji

I don’t remember how I found this manga… but I was searching for something Sci-Fi for the challenge and this one caught my interest for the name.
In this manga we have some mini stories and in each there’s a different main character but all of them live near the Scientia Tower (and the statue that stand at the top is of the Goddess Scientia). But the thing that I liked the most of this manga is that it’s like every character has his own idea about many taboos: renting a body, enjoy his life with clones or robots and drugs. Many different themes but really interesting.
About the art, I think that they are good… the landscapes are really detailed but sometimes the characters are difficult to recognize… sometimes I thought that a female one was male and other times that a character was from the previous chapter…
But that said, this manga was really good to read and interesting.

My rating: 9/10


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Sarashi Asobi

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23376[1]Name: Sarashi Asobi (さらしあそび)
Author: Tobina Touya

Another manga that I have read for the challenge (read a manga published between 2000 and 2010). I wanted to read this one since the synopsis of the manga was interesting… and…

The story starts with a bored shinigami that seek enjoyment and took an interest in a human girl, Ren, that hasn’t many days to live. Ren is the student council president and is feared by everyone at her school because of her harsh way of speaking but in reality she is really good-hearted. Our shinigami, Ai, will possess her body and help her expose her true nature.
When I started the first chapter I was really happy that I found an interesting manga (since the previous one, Megane x Parfait!, was boring) but after the second chapter the manga slowly become boring and with not really much interesting things to read. But at least the last chapters are good. nothing epic since you can guess what’s happening but it’s good. And the “game to expose” Ren’s true nature is used only in the first chapter and not really much in the next chapters… that’s why I enjoyed much more the first chapter and still think that this series is better as a one-shot and not a serialization.
About the characters, I think that they are good. They are the classic shojo characters. Ok, our main character don’t want the usual prince but she slowly discover that she loves Ai and she chnaged since everyone now know that she isn’t a demon (but still talks harsh) and Ai starts do fall in love with Ren.
The drawings…. eh… here is difficult… they are good but I really don’t like how the author drawed Ai. He has a really different drawing style… that aside, the drawings are good and nice to look.
Like I said, it was a nice reading that started really well, got boring and ended well… I was really happy that the series was 7 chapters long (they are enough for this story).

My rating: 6/10

story Spoiler

There’s not really much to talk about the story… I’m only happy that Ren and Ai are now together (and that he is human now).

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Koori-hime Kitan

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3512[1]Name: Koori-hime Kitan (氷姫奇譚)
Author: Kawashita Mizuki

And this is the entry for the “Read a one-shot” entry XD at first I wanted to add Akiiro Bousou Biyori from the same author but that one shot was only 8 pages long >.> so I changed into this one XD (yes, it’s the author of Ichigo 100% XD)

Doujima Kenji and his friends decide to spend their winter vacation doing a reseach on ghost but many of his friends have other things do to at the end (going to Hawaii with the family, spend Christmas with their girlfriends…). Fortunately (or not) for him, he finds himself with Takamine Karen, a cold girl that he likes. And here our ghost story begins.
Since it’s really a short story I won’t write more XD
The characters don’t change really much since it’s only a story about an event but Doujima is well developed. (We can’t say the same of Takamine because for most of the story she “sleeps”).
About the art… I can’t say really much. I like this style. The characters and the landscape are really detailed and there’s a good use of the screen tones in every page. A great work so in every panel it’s nice looking at the drawings.

My rating: 8/10

Story Spoiler

There’s not much to talk about the story since it’s really simple… but I liked it. It’s simple but it’s not boring and it’s interesting to read. Nothing epic but for being a one-shot it’s good.
And it was funny how at the end of the story Takamine talked about her being saved but that she don’t remember anything XDDD (she was possessed by a ghost for the entire manga XDDD)

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