2017 Manga Reading Challenge

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I know… a lot of time passed since I wrote a review of a manga… XD
Anyway, remember the “2016 Manga Reading challenge“? I was able to complete it!! And now I’m starting the 2017 challenge!! (This time I have a lot of time to finish the challenge XD)
This time che challenge is a little different since you need to use the bingo numbers but I’ll try to read all 70 entries XD (I’m insane XDD)

>> here’s my entry on MAL: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1582478&show=50#msg49238594
🎮 Challenge Start Date: January 7, 2017
🎧 Challenge Finish Date:
🍙 Link to your list: https://myanimelist.net/mangalist/yu6
📡 Completed Manga (at sign-up): 387

🍡 Bingo Card #: #093
🍡 Difficulty: Genius
🍡 Pattern: Full Card


[*][color=GRAY][Started: ] [Finished: ][/color] <##>. : [url=http://myanimelist.net/manga/][color=][/color][/url]

12. Read a manga written by someone from the Year 24 Group – Check the FAQ to see which authors belong to this group
14. Read a manga serialized in a shounen magazine
Read a manga serialized in a josei magazine
Read a manga serialized in a seinen magazine

19. Read a manga that started serialization the year you joined MAL
20. Read a manga published between the 1970s and the 1980s – (https://myanimelist.net/manga.php?id=16203 )
21. Read a manga published between the 1980s and the 1990s (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Revival of Zeon)

26. Read a manga based on a one-shot that got serialized – You can find a list with some suggestions for this and the next item in the FAQ
27. Read a manga one-shot that became a prototype for a longer series
28. Read a manga that has been adapted to live action – You may use this club for ideas
31. Read a manga that has inspired or been adapted to cd drama

32. Read a manga with a score of or below 6.0 in MyAnimeList
33. Read a manga with a score of or above 8.0 in MyAnimeList – (https://myanimelist.net/manga.php?id=5775)
34. Read a manga ranked in the top 1000s
Read a manga ranked between the top 1001 and top 10k
37. Choose a highly rated manga from another challenger who posted on the same page you signed up on – Highly rated is 8, 9 or 10. Make a note of which user you chose

41. Read a manga with a child MC – Character must be 12 or younger
44. Read a manga that deals with something related to Japanese culture – Make a note of what cultural aspect is being represented (InuYasha (Yokai))
45. Read a manga that takes place in Japan
Read a manga that takes place outside of Japan – A different country or geographical place (Italy — Gunslinger Girl https://myanimelist.net/manga.php?id=649 )
49. Read a manga centered around folklore or mythology – Make a note of what kind of folklore or mythology is being represented
50. Read a manga that has a main character of gender opposite to the demographic – For example male MC in female demographic, etc
51. Read a manga based on real event or person – Make a note of what event or person is being represented
53. Read a Drama, Action or Adventure manga
Read a Super Powers, Fantasy or Supernatural manga
Read a Sci-Fi, Space or Mecha manga
56. Read a Sports, Martial Arts, Cars or Games manga
Read a Dementia, Horror, Demons or Vampire manga
Read a Mystery, Thriller or Psychological manga
Read a Historical, Military or Police manga (City Hunter)

60. Read a manga recommended to you by another Manga Reading Challenge participant in the discussion thread – Add a link to the post here
(link: https://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1582682&show=600#msg49782965 )
61. Read a manga that another user has read for this challenge – Add a link to their post here
62. Read an active staff member’s favorite manga – Any listed in their profile. Remember they may change
64. Read a manga from the ones listed under manga relations in the Hidden Gems of Manga club
65. Choose a manga from the predictive search using a generated random word – Use this site to generate a word. Save a screenshot proving the manga you read appears there
66. Read a manga suggested by Manga+ or by MAL – Add a screenshot since this will change

67. Read a manga that starts with the same second letter of your username – Only letters. Exclude any numbers and/or special characters
68. Choose a random trope from TVTropes and read a manga listed under the trope – You may click random several times. Unless a specific title/anime is referenced, you can use any from the franchise mentioned. If the page says that the trope/examples shouldn’t be used as one it won’t be valid. Remember to look for the area in the trope that says “Examples” -> “Anime and Manga
70. Read a manga series you can finish in one day – One-shots are excluded for this item



1. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a one-shot – [Started: Jan 7] [Finished: Jan 7 ] Ohimesama ja Irarenai
2. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that is a collection of short stories
– [Started: Jan 7] [Finished: Jan 7 ] Hotel
3. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a web or 4-koma manga
– [Started: Jan 7] [Finished: Jan 7] Kimi to Kamihikooki to.
4. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manhua or a manhwa [Started: Feb 14] [Finished: Feb 20] The Breaker: New Waves
5. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read an award-winning manga –  [Started: Feb 22] [Finished: Feb 26] Hikaru no Go
(45th Shogakukan Manga Award for the shounen category in 2000)

6. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a gekiga manga – [Started: Mar 1] [Finished: Mar 4] Lady Snowblood

7. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga by an author/artist you haven’t read before[Started: Feb 22] [Finished: Feb 26] Esoragoto Note
8. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga by one of your favorite authors/artists – [Started: Apr 2] [Finished: Apr 2] Time Stranger Kyoko
9. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga by a female author/artist – [Started: Jan 23] [Finished: Jan 23] Peter Pan♠Syndrome
10. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga by a male author/artist[Started: Apr 2] [Finished: Apr 6] Boku dake ga Inai Machi
11.  vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga by an author and artist duo
 [Started: Feb 7] [Finished: Feb 10] Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
13. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga serialized in a shoujo magazine [Started: Apr 8] [Finished: Apr 8] Rec: Kimi ga Naita Hi
17.  vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga published in the same magazine in which your favorite one was serialized – [Started: Jan 27] [Finished: Jan 27] Bokutachi no Tabi
18.  vinkje_tcm516-198883[1]
Read a manga from a magazine with less than 250 titles listed in the database
– [Started: Feb 10] [Finished: Fen 10] (Dragon Junior – 25) Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi Max

22. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga published between the 1990s and the 2000s [Started: Apr 11] [Finished: Apr 11] Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Ground Zero
23. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga published between the 2000s and the 2010s [Started: Apr 8] [Finished: Apr 9] Ganota no Onna
24. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that started publishing after 2010[Started: Apr 9] [Finished: Apr 9] Fuudanjuku Monogatari
25. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that started publishing last year – [Started: Feb 17] [Finished: Feb 18] Demon’s Plan

29. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that has not been adapted in any way – [Started: Mar 1] [Finished: Mar 1] Hanamaru GO! GO!
30. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga adapted from a video game, original anime or light novel – [Started: Jan 7] [Finished: Jan 7 ] Rockman ZX

36. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga with less than 2000 completed members  [Started: Feb 23] [Finished: Feb 23] Hajimari no Hako
(As of February 23, 2017: 33 completed members)

38. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga with more users listed in Plan to Read than Completed – [Started: Jan 11] [Finished: Jan 20]  Mahoujin Guru Guru

39. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga with a main cast mostly of one gender[Started: Feb 20] [Finished: Feb 21] Tokyo Mew Mew
40. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga with an adult MC [Started: Feb 10] [Finished: Feb 14] The Breaker
42. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga with a non-human main character – [Started: Jan 27] [Finished: Jan 27] Gon
3. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that has a main character that is a professional in his field – [Started: Feb 28] [Finished: Mar 21] GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!!
47. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that combines a genre tag that you like AND one that you dislike[Started: Mar 1] [Finished: Mar 1] Kiratto!☆Yell
(dislike: Genderbender | like: Seinen)
48. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga about food, music or art – [Started: Jan 22] [Finished: Feb 09 ] Toriko
52. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a Romance, Slice of Life or Comedy manga –  [Started: Feb 21] [Finished: Feb 22] Kobato.

63. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that was recently reviewed – (review link) [Started: Jan 8] [Finished: Jan 21 ] Blazer Drive

69. vinkje_tcm516-198883[1] Read a manga that is related to something you previously read – [Started: Feb 21] [Finished: Feb 21] Tokyo Mew Mew à La Mode


38. Mahoujin Guru Guru




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Categories: (Completed) Manga Review

96203[1]Name: Scientia (スキエンティア)
Author: Toda Seiji

I don’t remember how I found this manga… but I was searching for something Sci-Fi for the challenge and this one caught my interest for the name.
In this manga we have some mini stories and in each there’s a different main character but all of them live near the Scientia Tower (and the statue that stand at the top is of the Goddess Scientia). But the thing that I liked the most of this manga is that it’s like every character has his own idea about many taboos: renting a body, enjoy his life with clones or robots and drugs. Many different themes but really interesting.
About the art, I think that they are good… the landscapes are really detailed but sometimes the characters are difficult to recognize… sometimes I thought that a female one was male and other times that a character was from the previous chapter…
But that said, this manga was really good to read and interesting.

My rating: 9/10


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Sarashi Asobi

Categories: (Completed) Manga Review

23376[1]Name: Sarashi Asobi (さらしあそび)
Author: Tobina Touya

Another manga that I have read for the challenge (read a manga published between 2000 and 2010). I wanted to read this one since the synopsis of the manga was interesting… and…

The story starts with a bored shinigami that seek enjoyment and took an interest in a human girl, Ren, that hasn’t many days to live. Ren is the student council president and is feared by everyone at her school because of her harsh way of speaking but in reality she is really good-hearted. Our shinigami, Ai, will possess her body and help her expose her true nature.
When I started the first chapter I was really happy that I found an interesting manga (since the previous one, Megane x Parfait!, was boring) but after the second chapter the manga slowly become boring and with not really much interesting things to read. But at least the last chapters are good. nothing epic since you can guess what’s happening but it’s good. And the “game to expose” Ren’s true nature is used only in the first chapter and not really much in the next chapters… that’s why I enjoyed much more the first chapter and still think that this series is better as a one-shot and not a serialization.
About the characters, I think that they are good. They are the classic shojo characters. Ok, our main character don’t want the usual prince but she slowly discover that she loves Ai and she chnaged since everyone now know that she isn’t a demon (but still talks harsh) and Ai starts do fall in love with Ren.
The drawings…. eh… here is difficult… they are good but I really don’t like how the author drawed Ai. He has a really different drawing style… that aside, the drawings are good and nice to look.
Like I said, it was a nice reading that started really well, got boring and ended well… I was really happy that the series was 7 chapters long (they are enough for this story).

My rating: 6/10

story Spoiler

There’s not really much to talk about the story… I’m only happy that Ren and Ai are now together (and that he is human now).

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